New CNN poll has most Americans are against the Trans Law (57%), as well as most Democrats (62%) and most Independents (58%), but Republicans break even (48%/48%) ??!!??!!
I bet people are screwing around with their identity for the polls, no pun intended.

60% of Liberals strongly oppose, while 31% Conservatives strongly oppose?
53% of Sanders voters, 40% of Clinton voters, 36% of Trump voters strongly oppose?
35% of white evangelicals strongly favor, while 33% white evangelicals strongly oppose?

Everything is upside down – however, 59% whites oppose, while 55% non-whites oppose, leading me to think that they over represented minorities. Also, men like mixed bathrooms with only 52% oppose, while 61% of women oppose.

HERE’S THE (k-y jelly) RUB – When they ask if trans should have “equal protection of the law”, instead of specifically a bathroom question, 80% of Americans are in favor, while 19% oppose.

People are convinced LGBT is a civil rights issue, and not a mentally ill issue

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