“In an interview with the Washington Examiner at the Republican National Convention, Coulter said the GOP can’t suffer another defeat in a national election.

“If Trump doesn’t win, it’s over,” she said. “I’ll be writing cookbooks and mysteries. It’ll probably take some talk radio hosts and a certain TV network [Fox News] a while to figure that out. But it’s over.”

The multi-New York Times bestselling author predicted that under a Hillary Clinton presidency, the country will be “overwhelmed with refugees, with immigrants, that’s it. It’s lights out for America.”

And she’s right. It’s not hyperbole but truth. And a President Trump might not even be able stop America from becoming a cocktail of Mexico and the Middle East. But he might slow things down enough and inspire a a movement towards that “Great America” that can be made. Trump isn’t perfect but he’s the best we’ll get and he’s at the right moment in time. The events in Europe are a mirror for us. Do we choose to “learn to live with terrorism” or say no. Well, “Hell no!” Would be the appropriately American response.

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