On the basis of studies, demographic movements and a thousand personal anecdotes, I surmise that the most corrosive environments for humans are multiracial societies where everyone’s got their guard up about everyone else — including members of their own race. Rather than cooperate and blend, they scrap and fight. In effect, life in a multiracial society — especially for Whites denied any sense of an explicit White community — is de facto isolation. We know that human racial groups are programmed by evolution to trust in-group members more than outsiders — not because they’re “racist” or morally deficient, but because from primitive to modern times, the outsiders were rightly seen as competitors for resources and power.

It’s not much of a stretch, then, to imagine that a lot of stress reduction comes from living in a racially homogenous setting. Who knew that we “scary racists” were really just health gurus underneath it all?
— Christopher Donovan (via blackpignotebook)

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