We have become powerless, we have lost control over our lives, we are denied our place in this world, and our spirit is waning. What was once familiar to us, has been degenerated into something strange and threatening. For decades, Europeans have been taught to hate and despise themselves. Generations of Europeans have been brought up believing that the world would be a better place without them. They have been brought up to feel the crushing weight of the white mans endless guilt. Europeans are constantly reminded, that only through self destruction can they pay for the sins of their civilization.

The death of Europe, is the fashion of the day. Our demise, a sign of progress. The disintegration of traditional Europe, a way forward. The brevity invasions against Europe, only the latest trend. Self hatred, a sure sign of intellectual thinking. We are called to celebrate, the physical, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual collapse of our civilization.

Under the disguise of liberalism, humanism, and democracy, Europeans have been persuaded into committing ethnic suicide. A race that has achieved so much, and has survived so much, has been tricked to welcome its own downfall, and to take active measures to make sure that it is a stranger on its own soil. We are witnessing the most vicious and cruelest conspiracy in history, the conspiracy to replace the European people, a systematic campaign to wipe out the Europeans from existence.

First, by socially degenerating the people, and then through mental and physical retardation, to paralyze the ability of the people to resist, to poison the very biological stock where all the great deeds of the past once grew. So in the end, a herd of geldings would be easier to usher to their death, rather than the once proud race of warriors, craftsmen, and explorers.
— Professor Kai Murros (Finnish), from his speech in Moscow “The Concept” (via heartbloodspirit)

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