I say and repeat Isis is using the name of Islam in vain . Islam itself means peace 😶😶 sooo…

It means “submission to the will of God” and their God says to kill the non-believers. ISIS is just following the Quran.
Is 1400 years of muslims waging wars against Europe peace?
And before you mention Crusades:
Muslims conquered the Middle East and North Africa, areas that were Christian, long before the Crusades. Not to mention Spanish Peninsula.
They were stopped in France in 732.
Then came the centuries of pillaging and abduction of Europeans who were sold into slavery. Millions of Europeans were enslaved in Barbery Slave Trade.
Europeans FINALLY responded and Crusades happened.
Then let’s mention the Turkish expansion where they went all the way to Vienna.

So no, Islam definitely doesn’t mean “Peace.”

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