Etymologically: ‘love of the stranger’

A fascination with the ‘Other’ and a neglect of those who are ‘Near’ – xenophilia is one of the greatest collective psychopathologies of contemporary Europe. It comes from a perversion of the idea of charity, but it also comes from an absence of ethnic consciousness. It’s evident in the contradictory idea of ‘anti-racism’, which in fact is an inverted racial obsession. What’s called ‘anti-racism’ is but a pathological expression of xenophilia.

Xenophilia systematically overestimates the value of the alien, which it sees as a victim, as it unconsciously devalues the ‘Same’. It follows the principle that ‘the stranger has everything to teach us’ – it’s avowedly contradictory since it associates differentialism and universalism, the identity of the Other and miscegenation, advocating everyone’s ‘right to difference’, but at the same time the homogenization of the human race. Xenophilia is the counterpart of ethnomasochism.

A rejection of xenophilia doesn’t necessarily lead to xenophobia, which is just as paralyzing, but also to an affirmation of one’s self and one’s people – that is, ethnocentrism.
— Guillaume Faye, Metapolitical Dictionary

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