Indians…here are a few things those ol tranquil peace loving indians liked to do – cannabilism (eat folks – often alive), child sacrifice, rape, scalping / they skinned wolves alive / tied infants to horses and had them dragged thru cacti until they were torn to pieces / disemboweled live victims then had dogs eat their intestines out / buried captives up to their chins then sliced their eyelids off so their eyeballs would broil and they would starve to death / kidnapped white women and burned their noses to the bone / castrated males and then shoved their genitals in the victims mouths and then sewed their lips shut / roasted their captives over open flames alive / comanches mutilated captives just for fun, even the women participated.yippy! some had some mutilated white captives in a white town, and couldn’t understand why the settlers were pissed about it. hmmmm… the settlers typically fought to the death to avoid their captors doing these loving peaceful things to them…oh -they never invented a wheel either –
the committed mass genocide on their “own” types (hell the camanche as did the cherokee excelled at genocide and ethnic cleansing on massive scales proudly – they are still digging up/finding mass graves ) / in fact native tribes obliterated rival tribes all of the damn time / they targeted vulnerable settlers – women and children too and they were often taken as slaves and long after whites actually abolished slavery indians refused to give up their slaves (search don cheadle story) / the majority of land in the east fyi was purchased not stolen since the indians thought of the damn land as a useless swamp / aztecs and mayans chopped heads and ripped out hearts in mass blood rituals and as stated above loved slavery as well as having an absolute disdain for all women.
well these are just a few of the wonderful kind ‘n’ loving things those darn caring peace-pipe smoking feather wearing huggables liked to do – ahhhh those darn cheery care-free harmless indians. they never did anything wrong. lol!!! oh yeah – if you believe that the Native Americans have some kind of everlasting ownership of America then that means you believe in racial nationalism. good on you – lol! more to come on this tomorrow. ps – we actually really like indians and admire a shit ton of their attributes but the truth is often hidden these days. hell i have known a couple indian folk who have been actually pissed off at the softening/castrating of their culture(s) and the fact they have been made out to be sad little “victims. //// think more apocalypto (film) for reality.

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