Amazon are taking parler down for good

rtrixie answered:

It’s clear that you can’t just build an alternative platform anymore at this point. App stores will kick you off, your domain registrar will shut you down and even the web hosting you use will pull the plug.

The reason for this is simple: For a brief time around 2000-2015, the internet with its ease of creating and sharing independent content had broken the monopoly of the powers that be over the public discourse.

They realized that they were losing their ability to set the agenda, frame the debate and direct the public conscious like they could when there was only TV and radio (where content generally came from only a few centralized broadcasters) and that’s why there was suddenly censorship everywhere, talk about shutting down “fake news”, “hate speech” and the threat of populism.

What we’re seeing right now is the end of a 5 year campaign to restore centralized control over what information the general public has access to. You’re still “free” to create independent content on the internet, but only within the frame of acceptable discourse that is once again decided by people at the top – step outside of that and you will be shut down. The info war was real, and they won.

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