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Image/Copyright Issues

This is a non-commercial, art-oriented blog dedicated to images collected from many sources over many years. It does not sell anything. It does not take advertising. It is believed these images are either within the public domain or are covered by the so-called Fair Use provisions in the body of existing copyright law.

HOWEVER, if you are the owner of any image on this blog and you do not approve its use here, please use the form below (you may altlernately send an email to: wizardadmin @ [remove spaces] with the URL of the image on our site as well as your copyright info) and we will remove your image as quickly as possible. We take your intellectual property rights seriously.

Please use this form only for reporting an image copyright issue. Thank you.

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Please provide us with the information required to process your copyright-based image removal request below. Please provide your legal name or that of your business holding the copyright.