The longest TV series in history (Law & Order) spent most of their 1000+ episodes in various settings blaming White people, especially Christians (at least one in 5 episodes demonize Christians it seem) for crimes in NYC. Oh yeah, especially upper-class White New-Yorkers who surprisingly are never Jewish. I mean, I can’t think of a Jewish villain, but hundreds of White bad guys doing all the crimes in NYC. A lot of the events they base their stories on are modified to fit the narrative of evil White Christians. For example, in an episode about children servant slaves from Haiti (the restavec), they make rich white couples buy kids from Haiti to do their laundry. Yeah right, that’s going to happen… white folks buying kids to do laundry when you can get it legally from a maid for very cheap without the risk of spending a decade in jail for using a freakin’ slave to do it. The actual story, of course, was a Haitian couple in Florida who had a restavec. But hey, it wouldn’t be a story if we were told Haitian people in America behave like they do in Haiti and do have children servants (in Haiti, we are talking about a very significant portion of the population — most of those with material resources — who do have these restavecs). It’s a custom of sort. Poor people have too many children, so they give those (or sell those) they cannot afford to feed. But still, I always got a kick out of L&O, in how it was and is so over-the-top at portraying the criminal problems in NYC as coming from Whites. In NYC, Whites are a minority group (if you exclude Jews) and the crime stats would not, let say, reflect what the show is portraying very much.

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