Women gathering clover, Shibam, Wadi Hadhramaut, Yemen, 1999 The women wear these elongated hats to keep their heads cool in the intense heat as they gather clover for cattle.  In the distance can be seen a Hadhrami family compound. Dwarfed by the crumbling mountains, the newly designed home is heavily fortified to protect against tribal raids.  Phaidon, Iconic Images, final book_iconic Under a withering sun in the Wadi Hadhramaut, women wear hats to keep their heads cool as they gather clover for cattle. Behind them: a Hadhrami family compound, fortified against tribal raids. National Geographic, April 2000, Yemen United.

SACRAMENTO-SAN JOAQUIN RIVER DELTA, CALIF. - OCT. 11, 2010.  Locals gather at Foster's Bighorn Bar and Restaurant in the Sacramento River Delta town of Rio Vista. Built in the 1950s, the Bighorn features more than 300 mounted heads of big game animals, and is a popular gathering spot for hunters and fishermen. Rio Vista is situated just a short distance north of the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers.

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