anonymous asked:

What is the solution if capitalism and communism are destructive?

punishedenoch answered:

Some form of economic fascism or a mixed economy. Capitalist institutions like the market economy and private property are usually efficient so I would maintain them. You can’t rationally allocate resources without price signals. Attempting to abolish all markets would require a totalitarian state with no practical benefit and the economy would be virtually static. This isn’t viable in a competitive world where economic superiority usually means national military superiority. Private property facilitates private conservation, guarantees a private sphere of freedom and rewards a low time preference. Economic remuneration for value added increases productivity dramatically because people are naturally self-interested to a great degree.

Unfortunately, capitalism generally functions on a short-term basis with little or no consideration for the public good. When capitalism doesn’t serve the public good, it should be regulated. Capitalists may want to sell hard drugs or child pornography or import thousands of racial aliens but why should we allow them to personally benefit from the destruction or degradation of their community, especially as it’s the community which enables them to be privately successful? Capitalism is a tool for the advancement of our interests, not an end in itself.

“Capitalism is a system by which capital uses the nation for its own purposes. Fascism is a system by which the nation uses capital for its own purposes” – Oswald Mosley

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